National Sports Management

Matt Tone, Minnesota Twins

"When I hired National Sports Management I was nervous about who to go with. I went with my gut instinct and I was RIGHT! Michael negotiated my signing bonus almost DOUBLE of the original offer before I hired him. Not only are these guys great at negotiating but at taking care of all the things professional athletes deal with on a day to day basis."

Michael Williams, Certified Agent, NFL, UFL, CFL, President Symmetry Sports

"We have nothing but respect for Michael Giorgio and John Massaroni.  They are a great firm, and you should check them out if you are a pro football player looking for representation.  John and Mike Giorgio are two of the few other agents that I would even think of referring guys to!  Not many trustworthy options out there."

Bette M Kackert, Charles M Kackert's Mom

Thank you for assisting Chad to have an opportunity to play in the NFL. He has alot of work to do to show what he can bring to the game--but he is willing to show up with his best effort consistently. His confidence in the process increased as you came alongside him to provide the opportunity. I praise God for you and for your encouragement for Chad to continue to seek God as he pursues this time of life. ~~So great to see God at work~~

Stefan Rodgers, Baltimore Ravens

"I have been a free agent 4 times and Mike and National Sports Management have always come through, finding me a new job!! I have had some heart to heart conversations that have had many twists and turns and they have been there for me every step of the way. I never thought an agency would be this cool to deal with."

Jason Davis, New York Jets

"These guys help you with every aspect of your life and career. They are not just looking for a check. Other agents are harder to find than Waldo in the off season, not NSM! they always answer my calls day nd night !! They are there and if a player knows that he is covered off the field, his performance on the field will elevate. It was a great move on my part and I'm thankful they took a chance on me!"

Ellis Lankster, New York Jets

"I fired my old agent and Hired NSM and let me tell you the difference was incredible !!! Michael Giorgio,  John Massaroni and Michael Wilson have run through walls for me.  They helped me with incidentals that don't even pertain to football. I never thought my agent would be there for me ALL the time like I mean 24/7 ! No joke !  I can't even put into words the guidance these guys have given me in Life that I will cherish for me and my son. These are the people that I consider family for real.. I don't know where I would be with out them. God has blessed me with agents that are my guardian angels."

Jeremy Clark, Philadelphia Eagles

"National Sports has made a big difference in my NFL career. Mike Giorgio is the Man! He takes personal interest in all my activities on and off the field. I talk to a lot of my new teammates and old ones and I have not heard of another agent working as hard as Mike has for me. When I got cut from the Eagles, he was immediately on the phone finding me a new job! I always try to refer clients to NSM. There is no comparison between my old agent and NSM."

Marlon Davis, New York Jets

"I was looking for a good Christian man”, Davis said of his decision to hire Giorgio as his agent. “He’s a man of God I can work closely with. I was praying that I would get an honest agent, an agent that’s not about money. An agent that wants to help me get better not as just a football player, but as a person." -- Marlon Davis, Cleveland Browns Davis testifies to press about National Sports Management : read more

Correll Buckhalter, Denver Broncos

"Michael Giorgio was the first agent I ever heard talk about God. Its refreshing to have someone on your side who is on the same page as you. Mike's team has worked harder for me than anyone ever has. On and off the field, National Sports Management has come through for me on every task that I have needed them to handle. I have referred my fellow team mates to NSM."